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Our people combine extensive real-world experience with leading edge thinking.

PAS Framework

PAS are on the prestigous Planning Advisory Service Framework.

NSA Member

NSA are members of the National Skills Academy for Social Care.


Is IT our ‘saviour’ when it comes to implementing Business Process Reengineering (BPR)...
...or are we missing the point?

In years gone by the golden rules of implementing Business Process Reengineering (BPR) were "don’t spend any money" and "don’t use IT".

Read the full article on Business Process Reengineering here

Universal Credit Demonstration Projects are supporting Southwark Council in their partnership with Family Mosaic Housing Association on the DWP Direct Payments Demonstration Project.

This is changing the way housing benefit is paid in the social sector. The new project will see some tenants in the social rented sector receiving monthly housing benefit payments, paid directly to them for the first time.

ISO 9001 Registered since 2008

iso has been awarded the prestigious ISO 9001 certification.

Read more about our ISO registration

Book Reviews

Read our latest reviews - The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande and The 4-Hour work week by Timothy Ferriss

The Checklist Manifesto is a review of the impact checklists have had on improving project outcomes across multiple industries. Atul Gawande, uses real life examples, and hard data to make his case, the result is compelling.

In the 4 Hour work week Timothy Ferriss considers himself to be a 'Lifestyle architect'. That statement alone will ensure that half our readership will move on to the next review. For those that remain, Ferriss' central belief is that we spend too much time at work, and not enough time on the activities that fulfil us.

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