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ValueAdding Learning courses and seminars are renowned for their quality and easy practical application. This comes from our approach to training and skills transfer. Our tutors are our consultants who have the skills, knowledge and experience from actually working in real life delivering and achieving in the subject area of the training course.

We provide our course notes electronically and on paper on the day so that delegates can make their own notes and personalise the key issues for themselves. We believe that this is essential for each delegate to be able to record their own personal learning points on a slide-by-slide basis for them to get the most from the training and help them implement the benefits in their day-to-day job. We also provide, where applicable, worked examples and Case Studies.

Our Courses

Further details for each course are available on the course pages below:

Practical Process Improvement and BPR

A practical course that describes an accepted methodology for improving processes and service delivery.

Calculating Process Costs

A practical course to integrate process costing and BPR skills.

Zero Based Budgeting

A practical, one day course that shows how delegates can use this technique to identify savings in budgets that can be realised and sustained and will challenge their thinking on the traditional budget process.

Priority Led Budgeting

A half day workshop that demonstrates the power of this technique for informing strategic decisions on spending.

The Importance of Unit Costs

A one-day introduction to the principles of operating in a commercial market and using unit costs to help determine strategies for pricing and operational improvement.

Business Analysis: Turning data into information

A one day introduction to the principles of handling datasets and manipulating data to provide information.

Business Analysis: Turning information into knowledge

This one course encourages delegates to ask questions of why any analysis is taking place in order to determine how best to translate the information gained into useful information.

Inspire and Engage

A suite of 5 courses specifically designed to meet the challenges facing Public Sector organisations. Engaging Motivation and Building Transformational Leadership Skills. A Modular Public Sector Development Programme.

Adding Value with NLP

Practical innovation is the name of the game for us! We want to show you how thinking a bit differently, in fact innovatively, and altering your own behaviour and/or influencing other people's behaviour can give you a real advantage. 

Demand and Capacity

A review of the difficulties of matching demand and capacity, designed to give delegates a better understanding of how both can be managed to improve reliability and reduce cost.


We appreciate that organisations are under significant budgetary constraints and we therefore offer discounts on our courses depending on your exact requirements and arrangements, so please speak to us.

Bespoke courses

Some delegates find that our standard courses do not offer an exact match with their training needs. Consequently, we also offer bespoke courses either using standard course materials or developed specifically to met your needs.

The costs of such training will depend on a number of factors, such as location, preparation time and the number of delegates. A number of councils who have organised bespoke courses for their staff have also invited staff from surrounding authorities in order to ensure the affordability of the event.




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