Demand and Capacity

The Course At A Glance

A review of the difficulties of matching demand and capacity, designed to give delegates a better understanding of how both can be managed to improve reliability and reduce cost.

Course Flyer: Demand and Capacity

Learning Objectives

As organisations struggle to decide where best to reduce costs there is an increased emphasis on understanding what demand there will be on any one service or function and therefore to match it with appropriate capacity. Few get it right. This course helps delegates understand the complex relationship between demand and capacity and illustrates ways of managing both.

It helps with the task of redesigning service or functional structures and seeks to provide an understanding of how techniques such as "Lean" or "Sales and Operational Planning" can be used to create a balance between demand and capacity.

Concepts such as the Rate Determining Step and Runners, Repeaters and Rarities are covered to help delegates understand the constraints they have to work with and which elements of the demand and capacity continuum they can or
should control.

Who Will Benefit?

Holding this seminar in-house allows you to resolve your own specific questions!

The course is designed for anybody who has responsibility for designing future services or functions with reduced cost and improved performance.

Course Flyer

Course Flyer: Demand and Capacity