Adding Value with NLP

The Course at a Glance

Practical innovation is the name of the game for us! We want to show you how thinking a bit differently, in fact innovatively, and altering your own behaviour
and/or influencing other people's behaviour can give you a real advantage.

Course Flyer: Adding Value with NLP

Learning Objectives

Offering certification both at the NLP Diploma level and the NLP Practitioner level. Offering flexibility and relevance to work, people can be awarded the following qualifications for successful completion of the required number of two-day modules:

NLP Diploma: Successful completion of 2 * 2-day programmes
NLP Practitioner: Successful completion of 4 * 2-day programmes plus an applied project in the individual's workplace

All learners must complete the NLP in Communications as a foundation as this will give them the foundation knowledge of NLP language patterns and motivation preferences.

Who Will Benefit?

We have developed this practical innovation NLP programme to support your managers and leaders to engage more effectively with their people, drive higher levels of performance and achieve more for your customers.

Added Value

Our courses are designed using our knowledge of Accelerated Learning and NLP ensuring most efficient transfer and retention of knowledge through highly practical, participative and transferable into your current working environments. Participants will be able to use skills and information immediately on return to their roles.

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