Priority Led Budgeting for Senior Managers

The Course At A Glance

A half day workshop that demonstrates the power of this technique for informing strategic decisions on spending. Senior Management teams are put to work to decide on priorities and shown how their thoughts can be combined with financial information to direct strategy.

Learning Objectives

The recent CSR has really focussed management on the need to deliver value for money and key to this is understanding not only how your money is spent now but how you determine what your priority areas are and the performance you see within them. This is too important to be left purely to the finance department or the Chief Executive and requires the buy-in of the whole management team if funds are to be diverted successfully away from non-priority to priority areas. Working as a team is crucial to avoid protectionism and deliver the best result for the organisation as a whole. The objectives of this workshop are to demonstrate the importance of this principle and how Priority Led Budgeting Workshop Content helps you achieve this.

Who Will Benefit From Attending?

All the executive team, senior managers and indeed members will benefit from the thought processes demonstrated in this workshop. Attending as a team is particularly beneficial as this allows debate and discussion of issues which are real, immediately pertinent and relevant to your organisation.

Internal Training Courses

The internal training course can be tailored to your own specific requirements for up to 12 delegates.

Duration: 9.30am - 1:30pm.

Price: £1,750 + VAT, exclusive of venue costs, discounts are available depending on your specific requirements and arrangements; contact us for further information.

What's Included: Course manual, case studies and worked examples.

Public Courses

Public training courses are run throughout the UK, contact us for further information.

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