Assessment and Development Centres

Assessment and Development Centres (ADC) use a range of activities and techniques to identify an individual’s potential.

ADCs support:

  • The identification of talent and potential so you can plan the best development route for individuals
  • Ensuring the right leadership and management skills are in place, and that
  • Leadership teams are working effectively at all levels with greater coherence
  • Driving culture change
  • The recruitment process
  • Testing candidates expertise and skills in defined areas


There is no substitute for objectively observing and systematically measuring how people perform in given situations and in high pressure environments. An assessment and development centre is an effective way of doing this in individual and group environments.

Assessment and Development Centres are comprised of a series of activities designed to measure performance and behaviour against agreed criteria. They provide a systematic and open approach to develop talent that is underpinned by an agreed Leadership Model or set of criteria.

The ADC is usually one-day or a half-day duration for the candidates with an additional session for the assessors, which enables moderation of the outcomes, sharing of best practice and first stage evaluation.

ADC generate a great deal of information about how an individual behaves and reacts in a range of situations. The candidate is able to use information from the feedback to facilitate change. The feedback gives an opportunity to reflect on performance, consider how best to use skills and improve effectiveness.

Our team have extensive experience and expertise in assessment and development centres and can help you to:

  • Design the activities
  • Manage the ADC process
  • Design the assessment matrix
  • Train assessors
  • Assess candidates in the ADC
  • Moderate the outcomes





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