Recruiting the Right People

We can support you to look at recruitment with a different approach…

...that of motivation and attitude. A person’s attitude can be of equal importance to any knowledge requirement that a role has.

To attract the right people, it is important need to make sure that the recruitment process is fit for purpose. Some roles require specific qualifications or substantial previous experience but these should only open the door the selection process – it is the person you are recruiting not their experience or qualifications.

Using a range of techniques we can help you to develop your recruitment skills and manage the end to end process. Our team will help you to:

  • Attract the right candidates
    • wording the job adverts in a way which encourages the right people
    • think about both capabilities and motivation/cultural fit
  • Shortlist effectively
    • understand what you need in terms of both capabilities and motivation/cultural fit
    • shortlist the best candidates for interview
  • Interview
    • understand the candidate's capabilities and their fit with the culture and values
    • give a positive view in how you interview
  • Selection and Job Offer
    • choose the best candidate in terms of their capabilities and fit with the values and culture
    • motivate the candidate to take the job
  • Induction
    • ensure that the candidate fits into the culture and ways of working quickly
    • tell the candidate everything that they need to know to be effective



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